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Because it has been sitting unused for so long, the roll has gone flat, and this makes the boy's arm wobble as the carpet unrolls. That is an introduction to the understated humour and fine comic irony of the film.I think this is why the film is under-appreciated in America.But she stands out, and while just about everybody else is playing slightly tongue-in-cheek but straight, she plays this as overt comedy.I don't know if I agree with those commentators who say this is a blistering satire.

Except the aging priest isn't too sure of the ceremony, only the families actually turn up as the Corelli Italian connection is suspect, security guards watch the gifts rather over-zealously, and Dino's grandma expires in bed just as the reception starts. I like people who approach art in new and unconventional ways. The camera is voyeuristic, often seeming to stumble on fragments of things, looking through plants, people partly out of shot.And when you actually try to reproduce the effect (perform the works) you very soon find out that the seeming artlessness conceals a level of skills and professionalism that is actually of the highest standard - something that has strongly impacted on my own approach to art.William Goldman said in ' Adventures in the Screen Trade' that directors are basically very good storytellers.This film reminds me of a statement by Vonnegut, that he thought perhaps The Novel had corrupted the public mind, because in a novel, there are important and major and unimportant and peripheral characters. For me one of the failures of this film is Carol Burnett.That's not because she is not an excellent actress, or very funny.

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